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Final Fantasy VII - Música



A Full Scale Attack 19,0 Kb
A Great Success 1,31 Kb
A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea 27,7 Kb
Aerith's Theme 7,32 Kb
Ahead on Our Way 9,33 Kb
Anxious Heart 13,8 Kb
Barret's Theme 12,2 Kb
Birth of a God 39,0 Kb
Buried in the Snow 6,45 Kb
Cait Sith's Theme 11,0 Kb
Chasing the Black-Caped Man 28,3 Kb
Cid's Theme 12,2 Kb
Cinco de Chocobo 20,7 Kb
Continue 7,02 Kb  
Costa Del Sol 11,5 Kb
Crazy Motorcycle Chase 32,3 Kb
Debut 4,61 Kb
Descendent of the Shinobi 11,6 Kb
Don of the Slums 5,36 Kb
Electric de Chocobo 27,6 Kb
Farm Boy 9,89 Kb
Fiddle de Chocobo 15,4 Kb
Fighting 29,0 Kb
Flowers Blooming in the Church 11,8 Kb
Fortress of the Condor 19,1 Kb
Good Night Until Tomorrow 2,09 Kb
Highwind Takes to the Skies 22,1 Kb
Holding My Thoughts in My Heart 13,6 Kb
Honeybee Manor 10,7 Kb
Hurry 25,8 Kb
Hurry Faster 18,7 Kb
If You Open Your Heart 11,1 Kb
Infiltrating Shinra Tower 19,8 Kb
Interrupted by Fireworks 10,2 Kb
It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet Isnt It? 11,3 Kb
J-E-N-O-V-A 27,4 Kb
Jenova Absolute 29,0 Kb
Judgement Day 21,3 Kb
Lurking in the Darkness 11,3 Kb
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII 46,2 Kb
Mako Reactor 31,6 Kb
Mark of a Traitor 5,26 Kb
Mining Town 9,12 Kb
Off the Edge of Despair 16,3 Kb
On That Day Five Years Ago 19,6 Kb
On the Other Side of the Mountain 7,65 Kb
One Winged Angel 57,1 Kb
Opening Theme - Bombing Mission 39,6 Kb
Oppressed People 9,20 Kb
Parochial Town 11,6 Kb
Prelude 35,4 Kb
Racing Chocobos 8,78 Kb
Red XIII's Theme 6,79 Kb  
Reunion 16,3 Kb
Rufus Welcoming Ceremony 12,2 Kb
Sending a Dream into the Universe 6,18 Kb
Staff Roll 69,9 Kb
Steal the Tiny Bronco 17,7 Kb
Still More Fighting 34,8 Kb
Stolen Materia 2,81 Kb
Tango of Tears 3,69 Kb
The Countdown Begins 14,2 Kb
The Flow of Life 7,03 Kb
The Forested Temple 17,2 Kb
The Gold Saucer 19,3 Kb
The Great North Cave 31,0 Kb
The Great Warrior 13,3 Kb
The Mako Cannon is Fired - Shinra Explodes 5,76 Kb
The Nightmare Begins 5,30 Kb  
The Sandy Badlands 19,9 Kb  
The Shinra Corporation 12,4 Kb  
Those Chosen by the Planet 14,0 Kb  
Tifa's Theme 15,4 Kb  
Trail of Blood 6,86 Kb  
Turks Theme 10,3 Kb  
Underneath the Rotting Pizza 9,16 Kb  
Valley of the Fallen Star 14,5 Kb  
Victory Fanfare 8,58 Kb  
Waltz de Chocobo 4,42 Kb  
Weapon Raid 14,5 Kb  
Who Am I? 4,25 Kb  
Who are You 6,11 Kb  
World Crisis 81,7 Kb  
Wutai Ruins 29,0 Kb  
You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet 18,9 Kb  

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